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April 20, 2007



hey sweetie - a few things:

1. your avatar is da bomb.

2. lily allen rocks.

3. i totally get this post.


I'm sorry for your terrible no good week. Me too - this week was yuck.

I have something for Parker and if I don't get over there quick, it won't fit. let me know when is a good time.


I'm hoping you're feeling a little better today. (((hug)))


Oh, and I'm trying hard not to take it personally that you haven't commented on my blog in a while now. *hint hint* ;-)


I SO hear you. I've felt that way all day today too, had to force myself to shower, get up and out of the house and I'm glad I did. We DID have a nice lunch yesterday though, right?? I'm sorry if you needed me to call you today so you could rant and I didn't come through for you. :-(

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