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June 13, 2007


Kal Barteski

Oh my God - NOW I get what Maile was talking about... I WANT TO COME, TOO. Oh my goodness what a radical idea and what a super fun time that will be.


I'm so jealous! the 80s were, like, totally tubular. Totally!


you crack me up! i was laughing out loud. Especially at the mr. rogers/ cyndi lauper comment. i didn't realize how funny that combo really is! They really should become lovers. oops, or has mr. rogers passed on to the trolley in the sky? i have no idea. Anyway, i can't wait to see you and your big hair! and Jana, you are totally invited, like, i'm so sure dude!


Okay, you KNOW that you totally need to take me to the party like fer sure because I actually remember and LOVE the 80s! Like totally gag me with a spoon!

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