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March 25, 2006



Sounds exactly like one of Taylor's "episodes". LOL. I totally feel your pain.

Jaime Warren

I can so totally relate! My five year old is the exact same way!! LOL!!!


At least you might not have to worry about the multiple piercings, tattoos, or any other painful body modification that might come up when our kids get to that stage. Think of it this way: with the drama a strong woman will emerge.

chris jenkins

i know all about this situation!

My DD Madison did the same thing!

I think little girls thrive on the drama!


I feel your pain... I have 2 drama queens...one of mine
had the same kind of fears
and used blood curdling screams to let us know her feelings...even trimming her toenails was a chore... the kindergarten shot screams could be heard all thru the building ! I feel for ya girl !

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