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March 27, 2006



Maybe now is a good time to ask Mark if you can get a maid just for a little while :-)
This way you can find fun blogs and just pick up your feet when the vaccuum cruises by.


I know what you mean about the ever-growing blog reading list!! I think mine is up to 30 or so now, it's crazy but I just can't help it. Now that I've listed all of these blogs on mine, I wish they'd link me on their's!!!!


aghhh.... spotlessly clean and ready to leave at a moments notice so that it can be shown kinda living ???? with kids and pets ??? Hoping for a quick sale for you .. fingers crossed!


I feel for you. We'll be listing our house in about 6 weeks and there is so much we need to get done it isn't even funny! Hang in there!

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