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March 14, 2006



Oh no, you can't be getting sick too!! You have way too much going on to get sick. I totally agree with everything you said about AI however I really think that Melissa should go this week since she messed up the lyrics to her song.....no excuse for that!


Don't you love getting rid of stuff - almost as gratifying as buying it! I love that your hosting a suprise party - isn't it fun celebrating with friends especially when you have a clean house! Have fun Mrs Busy Spring Breaker!


I agree... enough of Kevin
and yes he did take someone elses place ! We love the same top 4. Oh I know how good it feels to clean out the clutter... makes you feel like you have a whole new home..
so much more room !


Kellie Pickler going on and on and on... I just kept laughing. Every time I see Kevin I think, somehow you took Gideons spot, lol!

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