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October 08, 2007



You know Melissa doesn't react well to the shots either. Sarah never had a problem, but Missy runs a fever & is real cranky. I don't like the Dr visits either. Hugs to Parker! Hope he's feeling better soon!


Poor little guy, hope he slept all night for you too. You might want to talk to his pediatrician about his intense reactions to the shots if you haven't already? That just doesn't seem quite right. Crapola about your new sweater too. :-( At least Brooke can get some good use out of it.


I feel your pain. Although it is not my dear, sweet housekeeper, it is my husband who shrinks/ruins my clothing. On one hand I love the help, on the other hand is it worth it?! :) Sorry to hear about the well check, I feel the same way. It seems so cruel and awful to inject so much into such a small little body at once. Hope he feels better soon.

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